Sounds and Music in Presentations

Theme music and/or sound effects can really dress up a presentation, but if you decide to use them, be careful. Either can be distracting if it is too loud or too soft, or doesn’t fit your presentation’s style or content.

Sounds must blend smoothly. If you record a presentation for later playback, you can create a perfect mix in which music and sounds are synchronized to each slide and to each other. However, if you’re cueing sounds “on the fly” before a live audience, timing and levels can be difficult to control.

So before you deliver a webinar or present to a live room, be sure your sounds will behave the way you want them to. This means practicing everything you plan to do under realistic conditions, as close to the actual setup as you can get.

When you narrate a webinar over the phone, will your audience also be able to hear the audio embedded in your presentation?

If you present in a room with more than just a few people, will your system be able to deliver quality sound that everyone can hear and understand?

Asking questions like these beforehand can give you time to find the answers… and fix issues before they become problems.